About Us

Woody’s block shop is a photo print practice that differs from the rest.

Each Woody’s block shop product is created unique and exclusively decorated according to your specifications to commemorate those special moments that made your life special. It enables you to keep your memory close to you, so you’ll never forget. In contrast to the usual, Woody’s block shop offers an unbelievably fun and unusual way to transfer your special moments from cyberspace to your own, special environment. Each design is modern printed using our own eco-friendly high-resolution printing process.

Each woody’s block is carefully hand crafted with you in mind, with lots of love added.​

The final artwork can be perfectly featured in a special place within your home, or the home of your loved one.

It doesn’t matter what your special memory looks like, Woody’s blocks not only help you save your most beautiful moment; you also get an extraordinarily designed memento that will beautifully adorn that special corner in your home. The Woody’s Block containing your photo print is appropriate for any apartment or room and a perfect gift for all age groups and all phases of life.

With woody’s design advisers you’re always in good hands

Block designs and a positive consumer-driven customer experience are our most important initiatives. At Woody’s Block Shop, we have you, the customer, in mind. We think “outside the box,” continually challenging the confines of flair, performance and value to the customer. This places the accent on providing an emotionally valuable experience and product to our customers.

Each Woody’s Block Shop team member is extensively trained to the maximum standard, thereby ensuring that the work produced, and the customer service provided by such a team member serve as an advertisement, promoting the Woody’s Block Shop Brand Name.

All Woody’s Block Shop products are eco-friendly & proudly made in the USA.